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Even here, you are alive.

Even here, you are alive. Even in the wild of things you have done more than just survive. You grew. You grew a year older. You exhaled more breaths than you thought your body could bear. You have felt yourself drowning but somehow, you came up for air. All by grace: glorious unmerited favor and you didn’t have to do a single thing to deserve it. It’s for you. And even in you can’t make sense of why you feel this way, from yesterday alone, you are not the same. And it’s okay if things take time. If it takes time to be okay. It’s a journey you’re on. A journey marked with is grace. — MHN

Embrace the journey

You are on a journey of learning and discovering what it is that you want to do, and who it is that you want to be, and while this may you leave you with questions of wondering if you are doing all the right things, may you know that deep within your soul, you already have what you need: to carry on with courage, and hope, and the audacious belief that even though you are still learning a lot of things, every step you take, by grace, truly means something. And no matter what the next few years of your life look like, if you keep your eyes ever-turned to what is greater than you, you will look back and see that this journey you were on was honest and true. And not because things were perfect or because you always knew what to do, but because you learned to trust and believe that no matter the wildwood you found, you were going to make it home. You were going to make it where you needed to be, all because of days of like this, where you decided to embrace the journey. - Morgan Harper Nichols

Hold on to the memories of the many miles you have traveled

Hold on

to the memories

of the many miles

you have traveled

just to make it to this place.

and how even in the chaos of it all,

there is still plenty of room

on this open road

to dream and be free

within the grace

that has carried you this far.

Through every high and low,

be grounded in the Love

and the beautiful Truth:

there is still more road,

more journey, more story,

more to you.

For the highs and lows

for the highs and lows

and moments between,

mountains and valleys,

rivers and streams,

for where you are now,

and where you will go,

for "I've always known"

and "I told you so,"

for "nothing is happening,"

and "all has gone wrong,"

it is here on this journey

you will learn to be strong.

you will get where you're going,

landing where you belong.

- Morgan Harper Nichols

Even here, Living Water flows from the stream

For all you have been through,

you have come so far.

And to be able to talk about

these valleys you tread through,

and how you learned

to see the Light in the process

is a truly beautiful thing.

I hope you are able

to continue to take this day by day.

There is a lot of pressure on you right now,

but by grace, with strength you will make it.

You will. I hope you are able to

wake up each morning and go to bed each night

knowing that even here, there is more ahead.

Even here, Living Water flows from the stream

and there is still a chance to be alive here.

For now that you

have found Living Water

your soul can find rest

in the beautiful truth

that you are still growing

and your journey is not over yet.

—Morgan Harper Nichols