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The seeds you sow matter
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Amidst all of her worries,
she kept her heart set on the hope
that the seeds she planted mattered,
and in their season,
they would grow.

For whatever seeds you have sown lately, may you know that there is still time for them to grow. They may not grow at the pace in which you want them to, but they will grow in their season. Remember this when you are overwhelmed by all of the things that haven’t happened yet. Remember this when you’re tired from the longest days at work, or at school. Remember this when it seems like everyone you know is rapidly moving past you. You may be feeling a little weary, but even then, the seeds you have sown will grow. Even then, the sun will still pour in through the leaves, and rain will still fall from the clouds. So just be. Be faithful. Be patient. Be hopeful. There is still time for these seeds to grow.

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How wonderful it is to know...

March 5th

How wonderful it is to know that even though you do not know what this next season is going to look like, you are still going to grow in the way you were meant to. You are still going to be shaped into who you were meant to be, even in the wild of your uncertainty. Your story isn’t over yet. It may feel like it, especially when you are experiencing profound disappointment, but you must remember, you wouldn’t still be here if this were true. Something is stirring up inside of you. New life is still pouring through you. Allow yourself to trust beyond what you see that not a single breath that has left your body has been wasted. A failed relationship may make you feel that way. A lack of opportunity may make you question why you’re here. An unimaginable loss may be weighing on your broke heart right now. And that’s okay. You don’t have to hold yourself together perfectly in that place. You can be honest. You can be gentle with yourself. You can say, “I do not know what is going to happen, but I am going to try to take this day by day, breath by breath. I am going to try to be present to this moment in front of me, even here in my uncertainty.” This might be easier said than done, but remember, you are on a journey. Remember, this is all a practice. “Taking it day by day” isn’t learned all at once. Just know that in those moments when you find yourself worrying about tomorrow, questioning your purpose, your identity, if you can carry on, and if you even belong here, beneath it all, you are still growing in the way you were meant to. You are still being shaped into who you were meant to be. And knowing this, you are free to be at peac

Even here, you are alive.

Even here, you are alive. Even in the wild of things you have done more than just survive. You grew. You grew a year older. You exhaled more breaths than you thought your body could bear. You have felt yourself drowning but somehow, you came up for air. All by grace: glorious unmerited favor and you didn’t have to do a single thing to deserve it. It’s for you. And even in you can’t make sense of why you feel this way, from yesterday alone, you are not the same. And it’s okay if things take time. If it takes time to be okay. It’s a journey you’re on. A journey marked with is grace. — MHN

Perhaps, even here, I am growing.

Perhaps, even here, I am growing. When the days are long and I do not feel as strong and when the hours go by slower than they ever have before, and sun is shining and I am lost indoors, perhaps even here, I am growing...learning to be at peace in what does not make sense to me. Perhaps, even here I am growing. So I will inhale and exhale. It is well, it is well, everyday is a part of the story I will tell. I am free to breathe here, free to be here, free to be at peace when nothing makes sense here, because perhaps...even here, I am growing. Perhaps, even here, I am growing. — Morgan Harper Nichols

Pay attention to the subtle ways you are growing.

Pay attention to the subtle ways you are growing. Pay attention to the small changes you have made since last year. They may seem insignificant, but they matter more than you know. You may not the very hour you made a decision, and you may not remember which week or which month you chose to let something go, but whatever you do remember, remember it well. Make room for it in your heart. Make it a part of the story you tell. Growth can be grand, and it can also be subtle. And when it is feels small, it does not have any lesser meaning. — Morgan Harper Nichols

Think about where you were last year.

Think about where you were last year. Think about the things that used to worry you so much that no longer consume your mind and time: the relationship that wasn’t healthy, the stress of what this year would be like, the things you never thought you would accomplish, but did...all of those things are worthy of being grateful for, and are beautiful reminders that after everything that happened, you are going to be okay. –– Morgan Harper Nichols

all along, every day and every stage was worth it

If there is any uncertainty surrounding this season, and you have wondered how and where things will grow, even here, may you know this to be true: the seeds you are sowing here matter, and there will come a time when you will look back on days like this and see how even though some things took a long time to grow, you will bloom just fine. Season into season, the process of it all was not in vain. You grew in wisdom and in patience, and by grace, you are not the same. You will see that even though it took so much to make it here, you still made it here, and all along, every day and every stage was worth it. Not perfect, but worth it, because all along you were blooming into who you were meant to be. Morgan Harper Nichols