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When you remember much more than you want to,

When you remember

much more than you want to,

and the pain of it all

still finds you,

I hope you know

that nothing

in the past

can strip you

of the strength rising

like the dawn within you.

Because after the longest nights

and the loneliest mornings,

you kept going anyway.

You found hope

and radical courage

and you are not the same.

Nothing in the past

can you hold you back

from who are you becoming today.


There are so many times where we long to forget the past, but it seems that our brains just won’t allow us to. It seems that no matter how hard we try, we cannot erase those memories. We cannot stop those triggers from reminding us of our pain over and over again. There may not be an easy way to walk through this, but this is still true: the pain of it all may seem to follow you, but it does not have the ability to define you. It may be a part of your story, but it is not the whole story. It  is not how the story ends. Through all of this, you have gathered courage and you have found hope. You have learned how to keep breathing even when you felt like you could not go any longer. And I just hope you know, when you look at the whole story, those are the beautiful things that outshine the darker days. For now matter how lonely the nights have been, strength is still rising like the dawn within you.