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Not perfection, but fullness...

May this be the season you learn the art of bold surrender. Trusting in the greater plan, beyond all you understand, ever-assured within the grace: you are where you need to be. Day by day, may you learn to live for more. And not perfection, but fullness...a life that goes beyond the shore. Even when you do not have as much time as you once thought you would, Light is winning, ever-working things together for the good. So take deep breaths often and pursue this Glorious Depth, that reminds you every morning: you are far from finished yet. — MHN

You were made for chasing oceans.

You were made for chasing oceans. You were made to brave the deep. You were made for the adventure of learning who you were made to be. For every fiber of your being is woven with endless Light that burns like fire through your darkness, like stars on silent nights.

And you have always known this since the days of your youth. And all of these years later, you live out this truth:

There is so much more to me.

Far beyond what I can see

So I will keep on chasing the depth,

For I am far from finished yet.