She is slowly learning to exhale

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When you finally exhale, may you see this as your chance to rest. May you see this as an opportunity to slow down and notice whatever is beautiful right here. Even if it’s small. Perhaps it’s the smell of brewing coffee drifting in from the next room. Maybe it’s the sound of rain gently tapping against your window. Maybe it’s the warmth you feel inside the comfort of your sweater, as you prepare to step out into the cold morning air. Noticing these things will not take away all of your troubles. But they will create space for you to remember, there is more to see than your troubles. All around you, there is more to taste, smell, hear, and touch.

You may have a lot to say about what you have been going through lately, but may these small, beautiful things become a part of your story, too. Take pictures of them. Write about them in your journal. Point out some small thing that caught your eye to someone you care about. Yes, there are all these things going on all around you, and that’s just it: there are all these things going on all around you. “All these things” isn’t always bad. This world is a difficult place, but I promise you, there are beautiful things here, too…and you have a daily opportunity to make them a part of your story.

Morgan Harper Nichols

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