May today be the day you pull back the curtains and let the sunlight pour in


When the sunlight pours into the room, it does not mean that everything is seen and understood right away. In fact, even in the most well-lit rooms, there are still shadows under the desk, the chair, behind the bookshelves, behind the bed frame. But the thing is, when sunlight pours into the room, there is enough of it to remind you: shadows do not hold forever. Eventually, they became more that figures and shapes, and you can see the objects for what they truly are.

There may be some shadows in your life that do not seem to have been touched by light just yet. Maybe there’s some uncertainty and you’re desperately waiting for answers to be made known to you. As you wait, remember this, you can still turn your eyes to the places where you can see light pour though. Sunlight may not have filled every corner of the room, but it has filled the floor. It has filled the ceiling, your bed, and the space beneath the door. Life is the same way. We have to live with the reality that we won’t have all the answers when we want them. We have to accept that our human brains can only process so much, and we have to wait to see what will be revealed to us to in time. But that does not mean we cannot delight in the beautiful things that Light has already shown us. Light still shines bright in the direction of hope, peace, joy, and love...even in our uncertainty. We can still choose to turn our attention to what is greater than us, no matter the shadows that find us.