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Morgan Harper Nichols is a writer and artist who makes her work around people and their stories. Her song, “Storyteller” has garnered over 1 million Spotify plays and her self-published book of poetry by the same title is a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Inspirational Poetry. Morgan lives in Southern California with her husband Patrick Nichols and has made her life’s work about creating for the stories of others, through music, words, art, and design.

As an artist, Morgan has been commissioned by and collaborated with several publications and brands including Darling Magazine, Esquire Magazine (Singapore), Jungalow, and more.

As a background vocalist, she has been a part of several GRAMMY nominated projects, and as a songwriter, has contributed to a number of projects, including a Gospel Billboard #1 single “Beautiful Day” performed by her sister, Jamie-Grace.

Morgan began her career as a college admission counselor in 2010, months after graduating with a B.S. in English. After years of sharing her work online and playing local events, in 2012, she transitioned into a full time touring musician. While on the road, she began writing more poetry, devotionals, and prose late at night on the tour bus after shows. She would write for certain people that came to her mind, however, she would rarely share any of it with them directly. Instead, she would post them on places like Tumblr and Pinterest. When her online writings begin to spread, she begin to explore the many ways a message of hope could spread beyond what she thought was possible, and she has been creating for others full-time ever since.

Morgan is now a full time writer, artist, and musician, and travels on a monthly basis to speak, teach, and perform. Morgan is on the board of directors at TWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms).

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