A note to the girl who is not sure if college is right for her, or, has to take some time off next semester:

College is one of many ways to learn and grow as a person, but it is not the only way. If for whatever reason you are not going to be in college this upcoming semester/quarter/term, know that the same God who provided a way for you to gain the education to get to this point is the same God that is going to provide for you in whatever opportunities this next season brings. So don’t be afraid to keep on learning. Don’t be hesitant to still get out of the bed every single morning even if you’re not on a college campus, in search of new opportunities to nurture the gifts God has given you. Keep learning. Keep growing. If you’re craving to learn something new, use the internet to find free classes. If you’re craving friendships and community, get involved in church or start a small group. If you’re craving something that challenges you, volunteer in a place that brings you out of your comfort zone. Pour your time into loving others right in your city. All of these things are a part of the many opportunities God gives you in life to bring glory to Him in all you do. So keep your eyes open and fixed on Him. It may be hard at times when you don’t have the college campus environment as your backdrop right now, but by His grace, you can still do this. You can still learn. You can still grow!