Like waves subsiding at the end of the sea

Like waves subsiding

at the end of the sea,

she knows He will lead her

right where she needs to be.


There is no need to worry. In the same way the highest waves eventually subside and crash on shore, so will your present worries. No matter how many times you have risen in the morning to that feeling in your chest that something wasn’t right, or that heaviness in your heart that doesn’t seem to go away, God is there in that moment, and He wants you to find rest in Him.


 “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” - Psalm‬ ‭91:1‬


Dwell. Dwell in the shelter of the Most High. Realize that even here, in the chaos, He is making things right. But don’t just look around on the outside to see what He is doing. Pay attention to what’s going on on the inside. You may feel that nothing is happening, but hold onto the truth that dwelling in His Presence is more than a feeling. It is the very existence of God and even when we can’t see or feel His Presence, He is still there, always with us.


If it seems that the waves are not subsiding or you are having a hard time hearing God or understanding what He is doing in your life, talk to Him. Also, consider writing down your prayers. Go back and read them next month, and the month after. See how over time, your attention towards certain things starts to shifts. Even if a certain issue hasn’t changed, perhaps your approach to it has changed! This is not a coincidence. This is God working, from the inside out. This is Him doing soul-level work within you that has an Eternal impact on your life. This is Him giving you opportunities to rest, to breathe, and to trust in His Presence and His process,assay bf day He brings you where you need to be.


Sincerely, Morgan Harper Nichols


These words were written in a message to a young woman who left a ♥️ In a recent comment. Leave a heart emoji below if you would like to have something written for you! 

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