for things never said

a painting that created a poem.

(free printable wall art below!) 

Over the past couple of weeks I have shared my process online of how I use the mind map method to write poems, prose, and many others things.


Everything I create is written with one person in mind and sent to them before I share it publicly, so it’s important to me that I try my hardest to make sure every piece feels a bit like “them” even if I don’t know actually know much about them. In sharing this process, I talked a lot about how I like to use a lot of color, as it helps keep my mind fresh with ideas. I have always loved painting, drawing, and designing, but yesterday, when I was writing, I got the idea to try to map out my ideas using painting and drawing as I brainstormed about a poem for a particular person . I have done many similar doodling-type activities like this before, but never quite like this.

Here are the results for a poem I wrote and sent to a girl called, “for things never said.” 


Note: all of these pieces are free for personal use. Feel free to screenshot, save, and print. For commercial use, please contact.



Harper Sisters