simplicities and complexities

If the weight of winter is all too heavy
and the thought of new seasons is ever too pressing,
may you cling all the more
to all the simplicities and complexities
of this very moment
for within them,
you are breathing.

Because there might be days
where you are certain you are over it
and there might be days
you feel everything all over again,
and there might be days
where you are somewhere in between
and all you want is to get past this,
but no matter the day, despite the noise of it all,
there will still be songs to listen to.
And when you don’t feel like singing
and you don’t feel like laughing,
there will still be rhythms to breathe to.
And not because of anything you have done,
but because of Light working deeply within you..

So breathe deep today
under these heavy winter skies
for though they are grey,
the sun is still bright,
under low leaning clouds,
you are still seen,
and there is still hope
far beyond
these present things.
–Morgan Harper Nichols

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