remember the dream

Remember the dream.
Remember the night
you first believed
maybe, just maybe,
it might come together.
Maybe, just maybe
this is something
worth pursuing.
Because even though
it may take time
to come together,
in this current season
you will come to know:
you have dreamed
not a weightless,
fleeting dream
but one that requires
slow and steady growth.
Hold onto this.
Because the truth is
things may happen
a little differently
than you were expecting,
and you may find yourself
watching others
walk into the seasons
you were praying for,
but none of that
will take anything away
from the beautiful things
that are still in store
for you.
You may find
you have to take
the longer, scenic route
but it will not
be without
the view of the hills, rivers,
and lakes that remind you:
in this big world,
there is still a place for you.
There is still room for you.
So remember the dream.
Then, lift it up.
Lift it high off the ground.
Lift it high off of the timeline
you assigned it to
and believe
with all you have,
there is still more to you.
There is more to this dream,
there is more to this journey.
And things may not look
like you thought they would,
but you can do so many
small, meaningful things for good
and along the way, 
they will remind you
why you dreamed this dream
in the first place.
Because one day,
it will all add up
and you find yourself
standing in a library,
built tall of every
beautiful, honest thing
you ever made,
and then?
you will only keep dreaming
creating, making, giving...
inspiring others
to do the same.
You have permission to do that.
You have permission to work for that.
You have permission to remember the dream.
—Morgan Harper Nichols

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