legacy left behind

Through all of the worry and sleeplessness,
the anxiety and unanswered questions,
and if everything happens to hit everybody
in different ways at different times,
may you all know...that is alright.
It is okay to feel these things,
and it is okay to take a while
to take your time to breathe again.
And it is also okay
if missing them
never goes away,
and if it comes and goes in waves,
and all you can think about
is trying to make it through the day, because
you miss them.
That is okay.
You are allowed to miss them forever,
for you are forever wrapped in grace that says,
“I am here and I am holding you,
no matter the valleys
you tread through.”
May you cling all the more to Light
and the legacy they left behind.
May you be reminded of this always:
in every hint of orange in the morning sunrise,
and every star that shines against the black sky:
We will forever keep our eyes
fixed on the Light
and together we will stand
and we will be alright.
—Morgan Harper Nichols

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