23 - For the one who is watching her son deal with the same things she dealt with years ago

And one day
from your lowest place,
you will rise up
only to find
falling into grace
was the best thing
you could ever do.
That was really the only way
to start brand new
and to start to find peace
after all these years.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

Dear D,
Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. I know it has to be hard at times to watch how all these years have had an affect on your son’s life, but I just want to encourage you that even I don’t know your whole your story, I can tell even by the way you talk about him you care about him, his battles, and his heart. I pray that even from his lowest place, he will rise up, only to realize that falling into the arms of grace is best thing he can do right now, no matter what happened. And your love will become apart of the beautiful assurance that he is not the only one who has walked this road and he will not walk this life alone, and most of all, he is loved. - Morgan