2 - For the middle schooler who doesn't know how to deal with her emotions

she is slowly becoming
who she is meant to be.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

Dear C, Thank you for sharing your story with me. To be so young, you have been through so much, but I know that this is not the end for you. This is not the end of your story. The mere fact that you were able to talk about these things and tell these stories at such a young age shows that God is doing something in your heart right now.

It might not all makes sense right now, but keep on holding on to the things that bring joy to your heart. There might be people in your life that don’t really understand you and you don’t really know how to let them get to know you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get to know yourself, embracing your story that was given uniquely to you and no one else. Because within your story, you will face many mountains and you will tread through many valleys, but you will also come face to face with grace. And I know it’s hard to try to make sense of all of this especially at a young age, but it’s okay, because for everything you haven’t been able to understand, God understands all the more, and He will continue to open doors for you to run to shelter away from your greatest storms. I wrote the following words for you to encourage you in this chapter of your story. It’s short because I really hope you can recite it, when you start feeling that way again. - Sincerely, Morgan Harper Nichols