23 - For the one who is watching her son deal with the same things she dealt with years ago

And one day
from your lowest place,
you will rise up
only to find
falling into grace
was the best thing
you could ever do.
That was really the only way
to start brand new
and to start to find peace
after all these years.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

Dear D,
Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. I know it has to be hard at times to watch how all these years have had an affect on your son’s life, but I just want to encourage you that even I don’t know your whole your story, I can tell even by the way you talk about him you care about him, his battles, and his heart. I pray that even from his lowest place, he will rise up, only to realize that falling into the arms of grace is best thing he can do right now, no matter what happened. And your love will become apart of the beautiful assurance that he is not the only one who has walked this road and he will not walk this life alone, and most of all, he is loved. - Morgan

22 - For the one who has been misunderstood and is dealing with anxiety

After all this time,
she finally sees,
her darkest of valleys
led to much greater things.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

Dear H,
Thank you for sharing your story with me. It is such a blessing to read of how far you have come, from a place of being so tightly wound in fear and anxiety, to be completely undone by grace. Because from what you have shared, you have not only experienced it, but you have extended it, even to those who have opposed  and misunderstood you. I pray you are able to stay strong on the path that He is laying down for you, and that you will continue to rise from the valley, and by grace, head into the direction of much greater things.


20 - For B, an engineering student: who left her home country to attend school in Russia.

She will walk bravely into this test
diving deep into the well
of the wisdom and knowledge
that has brought her this far.
And not just because
she has learned many things,
but because she has lived many things,
and now she has the strength and courage
to give it her all,
press on toward the goal,
and achieve the impossible.
For she knows she is guided,
and by grace,
she can do this.
- Morgan Harper Nichols

For B,
an engineering student:
who left her home country Zambia
to attend school in Russia.
I wrote this with exams in mind,
something she could read
before taking a test.

16 - For the girl who feels as if she is stuck while everyone else is moving forward

Though you are standing still,
you are not in stagnant waters.
Living water rushes wild
all around your planted feet,
and even here, you are growing,
and day by day, you will see,
it is a process to become
who you are becoming,
but you are nowhere near
as far behind
as you told yourself you’d be.
So stand here, and grow here,
tall and strong in the Sun
and realize that in time
you’ll be where you need to be.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

15 - For the girl who lost her father

Though you only see
so much of the sun
through the blinds,
and you can only find
so much peace
in your heavy burdened mind,
and your heart still stutters
as it sings, “it is well,”
may you know in this moment,
in grace, you are held,
and it is okay to take time to breathe
and to see any bit of sun
that finds its way through the blinds.
And it is okay if this takes time.
––Morgan Harper Nichols

11 - For the one who is learned how to believe even after the worst of things, including a friend committing suicide

Grace is the favor,
she didn’t know she‘d need,
a grip for trembling hands,
waltz for stumbling feet,
As it severed all the threads
of all she used to be
as the holds of her past
frayed quickly at the seams.
Last year is but a memory
as grace becomes the change.
There is no turning back for her
she’s forever not the same.
-Morgan Harper Nichols